If you're looking to:

Sell your house or investment property

Buy a home or investment property



Fix and flip

Purchase a commercial building, land, start new construction, etc.

We can help!

As an asset-based lender, credit score is not the determining factor. Instead we look at the deal and base our underwriting on its potential. Our goal is to help you secure all the funds you need for your real estate investment projects.

We will find the best rates for your loan based on asset, experience, and credit. Private money enables you to buy property even in a down economy regardless of:

  • Credit Score
  • Background
  • Knowledge Base
  • Income
  • Employment

Can you do 100% financing?

Yes! If you have a great deal that meets our criteria and you are a qualified investor, we’ll consider a joint venture equity partnership to provide you with access to 100% financing for purchase price, rehab and closing costs.

What is a conventional loan versus private money?

Conventional banks don't take the same risks investors do. They lend based on the individual, credit score, debt to income ratio, etcetera. Also, once you reach a certain threshold of investments, they consider you too high risk.

Private money lenders are investors, we lend based on the deal, giving you better consideration depending upon your level of experience and your asset. Your credit score is only a guide for rates.

What kind of funding do you offer?

As asset-based, private money lenders, we provide loans for non-owner occupied real estate investment properties; commercial, residential, multifamily.

Can you loan in every state?

Yes, we have connections in all 50 states.

Are you real estate agents and are there fees involved?

No, we are not licensed agents or brokers. We are real estate investors who buy and sell properties on our own behalf. In any transaction, we represent ourselves and you represent yourself. Which means you do not pay us a commission. There are no fees outside the normal costs associated with purchasing a home.

What types of houses do you buy?

You name it; any size, condition, situation. You won't need to make repairs or clean before we buy. Whether you're in financial distress or just ready to move on and having a hard time selling, we will provide several possible solutions. Oftentimes we can make you a fair cash offer almost immediately and close within 3-7 days.

My mortgage payments are behind, can you still buy my house?

Yes, we buy houses in any type of financial situation. We work directly with the banks, are very familiar with the foreclosure process, and often buy properties that are behind on payments.

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